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Text books are free for Calvią childrenschool

The Mayor of Calvia Carlos Delgado has made an announcement today , text books for the current school course 2006/7 will be subsidised for residents of Calvia who's children attend infant, primary or secondary school independently of which school within Calvia they attend.

The subsidising will be based on the cost of public school books which work out more economically. The approximate amount  designated to books for the residents of Calvia is  967.365 Euros.

The amount of residents who will benefit from this initiative is 6.980 broken down as below.

  • Infant school   1.589
  • Primary School   3.230
  • Secondary School   2.161

The educational groups are broken down as follows:

  • Public Municipal Education  75%
  • Private Municipal Education 7%
  • Public or Private Education outside of the Municipality 18%

1 in 4 Students are schooled either privately or outside of the Municipality.

There are 512 Privately educated pupils within the Municipality.