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Coexistence rules informative campaign


 Wednesday 20th June 2018




Civism is promoted through 20 banners placed in Punta Ballena and Ramon de Montcada Street in Santa Ponça

The installation of 20 banners, 15 in Punta Ballena street in Magaluf and 5 in Ramon de Montcada street in Santa Ponça, which are part of a graphic campaign to promote good behaviour habits and inform on the sanctions regarding the breach of the basic rules regulated in the municipal ordinance for the promotion of the coexistence, has been completed these days.

 The campaign is aimed at young people who usually walk along these streets and to convey the message. Signs have been installed on street lamps in both streets in English and Spanish, using bright primary colors and bold typefaces, with the aim of not diluting the messages amongst the signage in the area. The campaign is identified with the hashtags #diviérteteconrespeto and #havefunwithrespect.

 Another key is to highlight the amount of the penalty, as it is a deterrent resource before the intention of committing an uncivic act. With regards to previous campaigns, the amount of sanctions - which was increased last March - has been updated and a more striking design has been chosen. The information shown is related to the fact that they can be fined if they drink alcohol on the street (€ 500); if they shout, fight or bother people (€ 400); if they wear no clothes on the street (€ 400), and if they dirty the street (€ 200), all of them listed in the Municipal Ordinance for the promotion of coexistence. During 2017, 785 complaints were filed for alcohol consumption on the street.

Also, being naked or semi-naked in unauthorised spaces was sanctioned 68 times.

In addition to these dissuasive measures, the Calvià Town Hall continues to work with the aim to reduce drunkenness tourism. For this reason, it reiterates the need for the Government of the Balearic Islands to take measures such as the regulation of all-inclusive in hotels, to exclude alcohol, or the prohibition in leisure facilities of offers such as "two for one"," happy hours" or free drinks, through the modification of sanitary regulations, in line with the restriction of tobacco consumption.