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I 'marges' restoration workshop in Galatzó


Friday 12th April 2019


It is considered a good tool to, amongst other things, make the municipal heritage known and give it value

The I 28-hour Marges (stone walls) Restoration Workshop was held last March at the public estate of Galatzó, given by the Associació Més que Pedra, in which the participants were introduced to the techniques of pedra in sec (dry stone) construction, acquiring the basic skills to face small restoration and construction works in sec (dry), bringing the heritage of paret seca (dry wall) and participating in a recreational and life experience in the learning of the pedra en sec technique.

This initiative aims to develop at the Galatzó estate, both training and outreach activities of the
pedra en sec by bringing the heritage and landscapes of the pedra en sec as spaces of high socio-economic and environmental value, making known the heritage of the public estate of Galatzó and its surroundings.

The workshops, divided into two weekends, consisted of a theoretical and a practical part. The first part consisted of a historical and geographical introduction of the pedra en sec, the values of this system for the society of the island, as well as the tools, the techniques and the steps to follow in the restoration of this traditional element.

The practical part consisted of restoring an esbaldrec (fallen part of a wall), of 9 metres length by 1.40 metres height, with a top row of stones located at about 30 metres behind the possessió houses.

These courses and workshops are considered a good tool to restore and maintain the heritage of the municipality with the participation of the population, create work options for professionals in the sector, contribute to generate an economic, environmental and tourism benefit for the municipality and enjoy the nature and heritage of Calvià.