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Agreement for the pet taxi transport


Tuesday 21st May 2019


The agreement responds to a real demand while promoting the principles set out in the animal welfare municipal ordinance

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the president of the Agrupación Local de Autoturismo de Calvià, María del Carmen Navarro, have signed an agreement to promote pet transport in the public taxi service of the municipality of Calvià.

The municipal ordinance on animal (that lives in the urban environment) welfare, approved in the plenary session of February 2017, enhances the protectionist character towards animals and in particular the concept of animal welfare, with the aim of guaranteeing them a life according to their own nature and the minimum attention that animals should receive in terms of treatment, hygiene, care and protection, facilitating their comprehensive and natural development.

Within this line is framed the agreement signed between the Town Hall and the Agrupación de Autoturismo de Calvià that join efforts in the development of actions to provide a higher quality service in the transportation of people and their pets, and a more caring attention to visitors of the municipality, adapting the supply to the demand that currently exists.

With the signing of this agreement, the Agrupación Local de Autoturismo de Calvià commits to promote, amongst its members, the admission of pets in their vehicles. The people holding a taxi licence that allows the transportation of animals, will carry a sticker provided by the Town Hall. Likewise, they undertake to advise pet owners that, for safety, pets are moved in their corresponding carrier, or that they wear a special belt for transport. In any case, and for a better service, the vehicles must carry elements to protect their seats and, as far as possible, be equipped with harnesses and seat belts for dogs.

The pets transport promoted by the agreement introduces an improvement and a progress in the public service of the Agrupación Local de Autoturismo by allowing the admission of pets in their vehicles, providing a comfortable, safe and practical service in face of the pet owners, at the same time, giving a greater notability to animal welfare, promoting, in this way, the awareness of the citizens in the line developed by the municipal ordinance to make the coexistence between people and animals compatible.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the deputy mayor of Mobility, Juan Cuadros; the councillor of Natural and Urban Environment, Francisca Muñoz; the head of the Natural and Urban Environment Service, Eduardo Cózar, and Christina Kastin of http://www.guide4dogs.com/

Picture of the sticker that can be seen from the outside and inside of the vehicle.