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Expanding the scope to prevent child abuse


Tuesday 11th June 2019


Both, the Town Hall and RANA Foundation sign the fourth collaboration agreement for the child protection

The municipality of Calvià will expand this year the scope of action for the prevention of childhood abuse and mistreatment with a new project that will be implemented in the childhood stage, at the proposal of the teaching staff of the educational centres that have requested to start the activities in early ages.

It is one of the novelties of the agreement that the acting mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the president of RANA (Abused Children Support Network), Elizabeth Homberg, have signed for the fourth consecutive year. The agreement signing event was also attended by the acting deputy mayor of Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés; the general director of Social Development and Equity, Ana Pérez; and Pilar Sevilla, director of the RANA Foundation.

With the signing of the agreement, it is planned to continue advancing in training and awareness raising in all municipal areas and, in addition, to open a new work line aimed at creating prevention protocols adjusted to the characteristics of each centre and its professionals. It would begin in the sports field, with the Institut Calvianer d'Esports facilities.

In 2018, more than 450 people have attended the different programmes coordinated by RANA:

With the teachers (32 in total) they have worked on how to assess a suspicion as well as the guidelines to address the disclosure of a minor and the communication with the family.

With the families (21 in total) they have worked on the importance of generating an affective bond with their children and on how they can approach the issue of sexuality with them as key aspects in the prevention of child sexual abuse.

With 148 adolescents, they have worked on how to lose their fear of talking about situations that may be risky and they have facilitated them self-protection tools.

With 145 primary school children they have worked on how to ask for help, take care of their own bodies and say no.

They have also worked with 98 professionals from the sports field (ICE professionals) and the field of free time who worked in the municipal services of summer 2018 (summer classrooms, sports campus and youth revitalisation activities), and with students of the 'leisure time instructor' training cycle of the IFOC (10 young people in total).