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Annoucement regarding Punta Ballena's fights


Calvià 9th September 2019

Announcement of Calvià Town Hall regarding fights in Punta Ballena

Following the fights that have occurred in the last week in the Punta Ballena area, the Calvià Town Hall wants to make clear that it advocates for coexistence between workers, visitors and residents of the municipality and regrets, as it has been reiterating, all those attitudes that alter coexistence, whose control and sanction corresponds exclusively to the State's security forces and bodies and to the local Police of the municipality.


Calvià Town Hall will refuse to stigmatise and link with crime any collective or nationality in the municipality, in the same way that it will not tolerate actions that cause fights under the pretext of “taking justice into their own hand”, as it has been reiterating in the last years.

Calvià Town Hall continues working, as it has been doing in recent years, to move towards a model change that ends an excess model that seriously harms the destination, which includes fighting against criminal activities and Municipal ordinance violations.