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Agreement to build the new day centre


Wednesday, 27th November 2019


The building will be located at a Palmanova municipal lot and will be integrated into the Care of Dependent Adults Public Network

Both, the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the Regional Minister for Social Affairs and Sports, Fina Santiago, signed on Wednesday the agreement between Calvià Town Hall and the Welfare and Social and Health Resources Consortium of the Balearic Islands for the construction of the Palmanova Day Centre, which will be part of the Care of Dependent Adults Public Network. The event was also attended by the president of the IMAS, Javier de Juan; the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion, Nati Francés; the councillor for Social Development, M. Carmen Rojano; the councillor for Palmanova, Francisca Muñoz; the Regional Ministry's general director of Planning, Facilities and Training, Juan Manuel Rosa, and the Consortium's manager, Juan Manuel Martínez.

The new building, which will be of municipal ownership, will be located at a 2,045 m2 municipal lot behind the Amadip Esment Centre in Palmanova, that has been visited after the agreement signing event. The works' financing will be done with contributions from the two administrations that have signed the agreement: the Town Hall will contribute 25% of the total (187,500 euros in two annuities), the Welfare and Social and Health Resources Consortium will contribute 75% (375,000 euros by the Regional Ministry for Social Affairs and 187,500 euros by the Consell de Mallorca, in two annuities).

The Day Centre will have 30 places and is, for the municipality of Calvià, an important action since it currently does not have any public day centre, except for the Day Centre places that are located in the Senior Citizens Home of Calvià building.

Calvià has a population of 8,591 people between 65 and 99 years of age, according to the Municipal Register, of which 4,494 are women and 4,097 are men. And it has a population of 21 people over 100 years old (18 women and 3 men).

According to the Elderly of Calvià's Diagnosis and Prognosis, the population over 64 years of age have gone from being 7.75% of the total in 1998, to represent 14.59% in 2016.
By areas, in 2016 Calvià and Costa d'en Blanes were the areas with more people over 85 years old (11.24% and 9.24%, respectively), while Santa Ponça (20.52%) and Palmanova (13.53%) were the areas with more people older than 65 years old.

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