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Day of the Local Police of Calvią 2019


Saturday 30th November 2019


The headquarters building has a photographic exhibition that reminds all the people who have worked for the local security force

The Local Police of Calvià has celebrated its Day today with the institutional medal and recognition awarding event, delivered by the Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the deputy mayor for Local Police, Nati Francés; the head of the Local Police of Calvià, Francisco Darder; and the acting Government delegate, Ramon Morey.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has congratulated all the distinguished people, both the members of the local Police of Calvià and those outside the body, and has made a public recognition of the police actions carried out in a season with a high occupancy and tourist activity with a high number of requirements. For this reason, he has made a special mention for the work, dedication, will and commitment to a municipality as demanding as Calvià. «You are there when something happens and you are needed. But on many occasions nothing happens because you are there or, simply, we feel calm because you are there, ”said the mayor, to emphasise the importance of both residents and visitors feeling safe and living together freely.

On her behalf, the deputy mayor of Local Police, Nati Francés, highlighted the professional work that is done from each of the Police Units, especially in the high season, highlighting that now the Local Police of Calvià has its main challenge in moving towards a proximity police led by the Community Police Unit.

Then, those agents who have an outstanding trajectory in the Local Police for more than 30 years have been distinguished with Police Merit Crosses with white badge, such as inspector Antonio Pascual, sub-inspectors Rafa Serra and Manolo Sanmartín, or the police officers Xisca Bergas, Rafa Frutos, María del Carmen Puig or Miguel Ángel Bordoy, amongst others.

The delivery of Crosses to police merit with a green badge, for exceeding notoriety in fulfilling their duties during their professional practice and exercising a prolonged work in time that has favoured the dignity and public prestige of the Local Police of Cavià, has gone to: former Major-Chief of the Calvià Police, Justino Trenas; Assistant Inspector Andrés González; and agents Miguel Caballero, David Díaz, Jaime Pérez and Juan Plasencia.

On the other hand, there is the recognition with honorary awards for different merit actions of persons outside the local Police, such as the Civil Guard agent, Juan Carlos Leyva, for his collaboration with the Viogén Division and Cristian García Lara, worker of the Hotel Palmanova II for assisting a person in a cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the arrival of the Local Police.

Also today, congratulations have been delivered to the Night Division of the Local Police of Calvià for their dedication to the service of citizens and for fulfilling the objectives entrusted. It is recognised for its dedication during the summer season, as well as to several members of the Calvià Local Police, for merit proceedings.

The new Chief of the Local Police of Calvià, Francisco Darder, has made special mention during the awarding ceremony to a photographic exhibition of all the staff of the Local Police of Calvià, as well as to the recent “Meninas” award, which is delivered by the Government Delegation, for the work done by the Division against Gender Violence. He has also highlighted the collaboration between the Calvià Police and other social actors in the municipality, such as hotel associations, the taxi sector or the 061 health service, amongst others. In addition, he highlighted some results of the activity carried out in 2019:

· Actions in more than 630 traffic accidents, in which fortunately no deceased have had to be regreted.

· More than 550 inspections on activities and noise pollution.

· About 2,800 complaints filed for violations of the Municipal Ordinance for the Promotion of Coexistence.

Darder also gave notoriety to the collaboration between the Local Police of Calvià and the Civil Guard. In fact, this Summer, the Foreign Tourist Assistance Service has been installed in Magaluf, which has already served as an improvement for visitors to this tourist centre.

In this sense, it is worth noting that in general there is a decrease in the number of infringements filed in all categories, except for unauthorised activities and services (masseurs), in which there is an 11% increase.

On the other hand, the number of people fined for doing 'balconing' is maintained, in 11 cases. It is especially noticeable, but, two declines that contribute to improving Calvià as a tourist destination: the fight against street selling, with 43% less penalties, and the decrease in alcohol consumption and bottle parties infringements - which affects also to the resident population, which has been reduced to a third. Thus, the application of municipal regulations by police officers and advertising campaigns have served as dissuasive measures that favour coexistence in the municipality, especially in the areas with high tourist density.