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The Visibles SOIB programme 2019-2020 is presented


Tuesday 3rd December 2019


60% of the people hired are over 54 years old

The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, today presented the SOIB Visibles 2019-2020 programme, which involves the hiring for six months, by Calvià Town Hall, of 22 unemployed workers, over 30 years of age, full-time, to perform works and services of social interest that will benefit the entire municipality.

SOIB Visibles 2019-2020 is an employment promotion programme, in which unemployed people receive the opportunity to work for six months in different departments of Calvià Town Hall, with the aim of having a work experience again, preferably in a field related to their skills and qualification. At the same time, these people follow a labour orientation process aimed at reinforcing the possibilities of their subsequent insertion in the ordinary labour market.

Apart from the knowledge decapitalisation, long-term unemployment situations have important psychological effects on people. In some cases, they involve a loss of self-esteem when it is observed that individuals face serious difficulties in getting a job. This fact is especially relevant in contexts such as the current one, in which individuals observe that occupation is created but, instead, they do not get a job. Given that the ultimate goal of any public policy is to improve the well-being of citizens, it is clear that facilitating access to a job, even beyond the monetary issue, has important benefits for people's health and happiness.

Since 2016, Calvià Town Hall has hired a total of 118 people thanks to this programme.

It is to be highlighted the involvement of the Social Services department of Calvià Town Hall in the information and referral tasks of people with social vulnerability of the municipality so that they can participate in these programmes.

When these projects are finished, IFOC puts at their disposal the necessary resources to promote their occupability, including the Municipal Employment Agency, employment guidance services and the entrepreneur service, as well as training actions.

The call includes an edition in 2019 and another in 2020. The one in 2019 started on 7th November, and the one in 2020 is scheduled to start in November 2020.

With regards to financing, for the fiscal year 2019, apart from Calvià Town Hall, the SOIB Visibles 2019-2020 call has been promoted by the SOIB, by State funds through the Sectorial Conference and by the Fund to favour the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism (ITS).

Two projects have been presented for the year 2019 in Calvià, one by Calvià Town Hall, through the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC), a global project called Calvià Integra 2019, which encompasses various municipal areas and, the other, by Llar de Majors de Calvià called Noves Oportunitats II. In total 22 people have benefited.

The cost of the projects for the year 2019 is 320.032,22 €, of which 264.000,00 € correspond to the subsidy granted and 56.032,22 € will be a contribution from Calvià Town Hall.

In this call, the following projects will be developed, coordinated by the IFOC:

-CALVIÀ INTEGRA 2019: Global project in which various municipal areas participate:

-INSTITUT MUNICIPAL DE L’ESPORT (ICE): Maintenance in the sports venues gardened areas
- NATURAL AND URBAN ENVIRONMENT: Maintenance works in the Galatzó Public Estate spaces
-MAINTENANCE: Maintenance works of the public spaces of the municipality, painting works in municipal buildings and urban furniture, maintenance works in municipal buildings and beaches
- CITIZEN PARTICIPATION AND YOUTH: Building maintenance and event support for the Youth and Citizen Participation Service
-LLAR DE CALVIÀ: Noves Oportunitats II. Rehabilitation, maintenance and cleaning of the Senior Citizens Centres of Calvià