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Walk for Memory and tribute


Sunday 9th February 2020


Today, the remains of Ferrà, exhumed at Calvià cemetery, have been returned to his family in Puigpunyent

The tribute to Joan Ferrà and Cristòfol Barceló has taken place today, which began with the Walk for Memory that, on this occasion, was done the other way round, from Calvià to Puigpunyent. Subsequently, the institutional event took place at Puigpunyent Cemetery where the relatives received the remains.

Today's event has had a very special significance since almost ten years ago, the Walks for Memory began, at the request of Joan Ferrà's family, which since then have been carried out every year, remembering the walk that two women did to collect the bodies of their relatives killed by a platoon of fascists in the year 36. These two women were Maria Bordoy Vich, sister-in-law of Joan Ferrà (who was 16 at the time) and Cristòfol Barceló's daughter. The day after the murders, they left at dawn from Galilee to Calvià. Today the walk has been done the other way round so that the remains of Ferrà, which were identified following Calvià's common grave opening, return to his family.

About sixty people from Calvià and Puigpunyent departured from Calvià, who completed the approximately 10 kilometres that separate Son Font (Calvià) from Puigpunyent.

The institutional event took place at Puigpunyent Cemetery where the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, delivered the remains of Joan Ferrà to his son Toni Ferrà and where statements by the institutional representatives (the mayors of Calvià and Puigpunyent, the Autonomous Secretary of Democratic Memory and Good Government, and Manel Suárez, author of Calvià grave report, on behalf of Ferrà family, and Maria Antònia Oliver, on behalf of Memoria de Mallorca) took place. After the Franco regime victim certificate delivery, the Regional Minister of Public Administration and Modernisation closed the parliaments.

The emotional event concluded with a floral offering that, on behalf of Calvià Town Hall, was made by the mayor, the deputy mayor of Historical Memory, Rafel Sedano, who led the organisation of the event on behalf of Calvià, and the deputy mayor of Culture, Nati Francés.

The tribute was also attended by Calvià Town Hall's councillors Marga Plomer (of Historical Memory), Juan Recasens, Marc López and Francisca Muñoz.