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Neula Parc collection delivery to social entities


Thursday 20th February 2020


The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has delivered today the collection of the Calvià Children Christmas Park 'Neula Parc', to the two solidarity entities that have been elected this year. The collection that reached 6.215 € has been allocated to two associations that work for children's health and well-being, each one from their respective fields. These associations are Asociación de Asperger Baleares (3.107,5€) and Sonrisa Médica (3.107,5€), and the check was collected by the Sonrisa Médica manageress, Marta Barrio Bestard, and the representatives of the Asociación de Asperger, Asunción Tribaldo and Amadora Jiménez.

The Asociación Asperger Baleares, promotes the common good of people with Asperger syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder and does so through different activities such as conducting social skills workshops or recreational activities addressed to people of all ages with Asperger's syndrome characteristics, and training and guidance for parents, and people from the administration or civil society.

La Sonrisa Médica is a non-profit association, pioneer in Spain in the field of accompaniment of Hospital Clowns to patients and declared of public utility by the Ministry of Interior in 2004. It develops its task by giving enthusiasm and humour to the public hospitals of the Balearic Islands and firmly believes in joy as the best medicine, and in the potential of the hospital clown as a therapeutic tool. Its vision is to continue being a reference and develop its social mission to the entire Balearic community regularly and steadily, promoting the methodology of the Hospital Clown with professionalism and incorporating it as one more of the services associated with the children's therapeutic process. Its priority is to continue providing smiles to families who have to leave their usual environment to cope with the therapeutic process.

The collection delivery event was also attended by the Deputy Mayor for Social Cohesion, Nati Francés, and the Councilwoman for Social Development, Children and Elderly, M. Carmen Rojano.