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Santa Ponēa nursery comprehensive renewal


Friday 21st February 2020


The building, which will reopen soon, has been completely renovated

The Santa Ponça nursery will reopen shortly, after the works that have consisted of a comprehensive renewal of the centre have finished. The mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, verified in situ the result of the renewal, accompanied by the deputy mayor of Education, Olga Granados, and the councilwoman of Santa Ponça, Nati Francés.

The 'escoleta', located at 28 Puig Blanc St. in Santa Ponça, is a building from 1976, which was expanded by adding a fourth classroom on the ground floor and a bathroom, while taking space from the original lobby to make the bathrooms of classroom 1 and an extension of the kitchen that was carried out to the detriment of classroom 1. Over the years, although the structure was not in danger, deterioration was evident, so a comprehensive renewal was necessary, better than timely repairs.

The actions that have been carried out have involved the demolition of a classroom (the fourth classroom that had been added) and the construction of two new classrooms on the ground floor. In addition, the kitchen has been completely renewed, as well as the lobby where a porch area is enclosured and a room for pushchairs is included.

All added sections that had been built over the years, such as the boiler's booth, the propane gas cylinder cabinet, etc., have also been eliminated and heating, electrical and sanitation facilities have been improved.

As for the exterior, sunshades have been installed on the side facades for sun protection of students.

The works have cost 660.399 €.

Calvià has 10 municipal nurseries: Calvià, Palmanova, Santa Ponça, Peguera, Son Ferrer, Magaluf, El Toro, Bendinat, Galatzó and Son Caliu. For children from 0 to 3 years old, they are conceived from a fully educational side and have a Centre Educational Project (PEC).