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Sa Rua de Calvią 2020


Saturday 22nd February 2020


After a magnificent almost spring afternoon, today Saturday Sa Rua de Calvià has taken place. The streets of the village have been filled with people, colour, music and fun thanks to the almost 1000 participants. The prizes have been divided into three categories: individual and couples (3 participants), groups (9) and floats (10).

With the majority of groups accompanied by live music and choreographies, jurors have been pleasantly surprised. The event was entertained by Xaranga Bratitzava, Circo Strómboli and the Batucada del Comte Mal, which closed the parade with their drums.

The large number of attendees have encouraged participants at all times, turning Sa Rua de Calvià, once again, into a large participatory and fun party.

The jury was formed by: Patricia Perales, Blanca Sánchez and Luis Palmer.

A total of 5.060 € have been awarded in cash prizes and prizes in kind for individuals, courtesy of Jungle Parc, Grupo Aspro (Marineland, Western and Aqualand) providing tickets for their parks, Sa Societat bar providing dinners and amongst the prizes, there are also tickets to different theatre plays that take place in the municipality.



1st FLOATS 700 € - El Rei Lleó arriba a Calvià

2nd FLOATS 550 € - Al Loro con Son Ferrer

3rd FLOATS 410 € - Sa Carpa de Paper

4th FLOATS 320 € - Moto Maga GP

5th FLOATS 230 € - Anima Ginesta

6th FLOATS 170 € - Menudo Circo


1st GROUPS 700 € - La que Liada en la Selva

2nd GROUPS 550 € - Galatzó Sota, Caballo y Rey

3rd GROUPS 410 € - Sóller 1929

4th GROUPS 320 € - Carnaval de Sarganterades

5th GROUPS 230 € - Las Focas de S'Olivera

6th GROUPS 170 € - Salvemos Madre Tierra


1st INDIVIDUAL - Gift box1 - Miguedrois
nd INDIVIDUAL - Gift box 2 - Los Simpsons
rd INDIVIDUAL - Gift box 3 - Drag Norvis

SPECIAL ANIMATION AWARD: 300 €- La Carpa de Papel