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Calvią begins door-to-door rubbish collection

Calvià, 26th June 2020


• On 29th June the implementation of the new selective rubbish collection begins in the villages of Calvià and Es Capdellà
• This system will allow reaching the objective of recycling 50% of waste

Please check the timetable: LINK

The Calvià Town Hall implements, from Monday 29th June, a door-to-door rubbish collection service in the two traditional villages of the municipality, the towns of Calvià and Es Capdellà. With this new system, developed by the public company Calvià 2000 with the collaboration of the Town Hall's Environment area, the Council seeks to achieve the objective of recycling 50% of all rubbish, as set by the waste law, in a clear commitment to the environment improvement and a percentage increase in recyclable waste collection.

Over the last two weeks, an information campaign and participation has been carried out, informing citizens and businesses door-to-door and through information tables that have been set up in Calvià and Es Capdellà. Citizens have been given buckets for waste, a magnet with the collection schedule, a card for the contribution areas and compostable bags. In addition, the website www.calvia2000.es/puertaapuerta/ has been made available to those who have doubts.

The collection of household rubbish (organic matter, paper and cardboard, light packaging and general waste) will be carried out on a door-to-door basis, with rubbish correctly separated, respecting the schedules and the weekly calendar. Houses that are in the countryside must leave their waste correctly separated in the contribution areas (in Son Bugadelles or in Ses Quarterades), which are closed and guarded municipal facilities where waste can be left according to certain regulations.

In 2019, 26% of rubbish produced was recycled in Calvià (2% more than in 2018), with the door-to-door system the percentage is expected to exceed 50%, as required by regulations. The general waste percentage was 74%, with a total of 44,076 tons. Each ton of rejection costs the municipality 126.20 euros, so the 2019 expense was 5,436,247 euros, just to incinerate waste from the general rubbish collection.