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Calvią Police closes an illegal party

Monday, 6th July 2020


During the weekend, police agents have also fined 23 young people for not complying with current regulations

The Calvià Local Police located through social media -Facebook- the organisation by Magaluf seasonal workers of an illegal party in a villa in Costa de la Calma. The police agents saw that the current regulations were being violated, since they did not have authorisation or a license, in addition to representing a risk situation due to Covid-19. The party was announced for Saturday as a pool party, with the image of a pool and a unicorn float. The entrance fee was 35 € and they even offered a VIP version for 100 €. Nine went in the early afternoon and certified that a large party was being held with a hundred people in which there was alcohol in large quantities, loudspeakers, DJs, and a dataphone. Everything points to the fact that it can be a clandestine activity, which according to the 6/2019 Activities Law is considered very serious, so the organizers can receive a fine that goes from € 30,001 to € 300,000. In addition, the police officers drafted five reports for possession of substances, one of them nitrous oxide or laughter gas. The police agents were unable to identify the individuals who owned the drugs, who would be fined 600 €.

On the other hand, the police officers have reported this weekend 23 young people for not complying with the regulations as they gathered together in public areas. On Friday afternoon in Peguera, four reports were drafted for drug possession, one for lack of respect, one for carrying a knife and the other for not wearing a mask. On Saturday at 2 a.m., the Calvià Local Police went to Magaluf warned of a possible bottle party. Although it could not be verified, four young people were denounced for not keeping the safety distance and not wearing a face mask. A similar event took place the following night in a park in Santa Ponça, where administrative reports were drafted for not following hygiene regulations and a safety distance for six young people who were together. In addition, one of them was reported for providing false information. An almost identical case happened in Palmanova, in which another group of six young people were reported who did not keep the safety distance or wear a face mask. Finally, today at 5:35 h, three young people have been reported for drinking on the Buguenvíl·lea beach, in the area of Cas Català. The penalty for bottle parties is 500 €. However, the Ordinance for the Promotion of Coexistence in Calvià includes replacing the fine penalty for training sessions, participation in civic activities or work for the community, in those cases determined by a Mayor's Decree, with the prior consent of the person interested as an alternative to fines, unless the law imposed its mandatory nature.