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Informative Note from the Local Police of Calvią

Calvià, 20th July 2020



Three establishments in Portals Nous have been reported for exceeding the capacity and five other premises in the municipality for failing to meet the closing time.

Calvià Local Police officers, together with the Civil Guard and inspectors from the Balearic Islands Regional Government, carried out an inspection campaign this weekend to check whether the regulations regarding the plan of exceptional measures to deal with the pandemic were being complied with, especially attention to the premises where alcohol is served located on Punta Ballena, General García Ruiz and Federico García Lorca de Magaluf streets. Two premises located in Punta Ballena that were open and where business activity is temporarily prohibited were reported. The General Directorate for Emergencies and Interior of the Regional Ministry of Public Administrations could qualify these events as very serious infractions that entail fines ranging from € 60,001 to € 600,000, in addition to the possibility of premises closure.

On the other hand, the police officers have carried out a regular surveillance service for nightlife venues and have reported three Portals Nous venues due to excess capacity. In addition, two of these premises reported on Friday also did not maintain security distances. To this must be added that a third venue, supervised on Saturday in a joint scheduled service with the Civil Guard, repeated in exceeding the capacity allowed and also included the rule of informing users of the Covid-19 measures. Fines due to excess capacity can be slight, serious or very serious, depending on the number of people that can be infected, so the range of the amount of the fines ranges from € 100 to € 600,000.

Finally, the Calvià Local Police has drafted five reports for breaching the closing time, which is currently established at 2 a.m. Three premises in Santa Ponça, one in Palmanova and one in Peguera failed to comply with the measure this weekend. The police officers verified these events between 2:31 and 3:40 a.m. However, most of the supervised premises in Calvià comply with the prevention regulations against Covid-19.

It should also be added that the Local Police has maintained the rest of the services and operations during the weekend throughout the municipality. Yesterday afternoon they were required due to the drowning of an 11-month-old baby in a swimming pool in a private house in El Toro. When the police officers arrived, they found the father trying to resuscitate the little boy who had drowned. Thanks to the action of the agents, who practiced baby-specific cardiopulmonary resuscitation for one hour, the little boy was able to recover his pulse and be transferred to the Son Espases University Hospital.