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The ''Balear'' in the Calvią Marine Reserves


Thursday 17th September 2020


The boat, declared a Cultural Interest Asset, is open to Calvià residents to discover the biodiversity richness and the landscape of Es Malgrats and El Toro islands marine reserves

The ''Balear'', the lateen sailing vessel owned by the Consell de Mallorca, is sailing these days through Calvià waters, for the first time to show citizens the natural wealth that the Calvià coast treasures, on a tour through Es Malgrats and El Toro islands marine reserves.

There will be two turns of outings on 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd September, to learn about the particularities of the natural reserves and their surroundings, as well as the history of the ''Balear''. The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Ecological Transition, Rafel Sedano, visited the boat, accompanied by the Councilwoman for Environment and Ecological Transition, Marga Plomer, to learn about the work that this vessel is carrying out these days through Calvià waters.

Calvià Town Hall, through the Environment and Ecological Transition Department, and the Department of Sustainability of the Consell de Mallorca have organised this activity which, according to Rafael Sedano, has had a great response from the public since tickets were sold out in a matter of a few hours, which shows the interest there is in discovering the rich biodiversity and landscape of Calvià marine reserves.

The ''Balear'' route begins in Port Adriano to go towards El Toro island marine reserve. A first stop is made in Rafalbetx cove to take a dip and learn, from the hand of the team of biologists from the Environment Department, the peculiarities and natural and fishing values of El Toro Marine Reserve. Then, from Morro d'en Feliu, the boat heads towards Es Malgrats marine reserve, to go around the Malgrat islet, from Racó de s'Almadrava to s'Olla, to then head towards Ses Pedreretes, from where it will return to Port Adriano.

The ''Balear'' is a 'barca de bou' lateen sailing boat from 1924, declared a Cultural Interest Asset, which was acquired by the Consell de Mallorca and restored by the Mestres d'Aixa Unit. During the Summer, and organised by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, the llaüt (vessel) travels to different places on the island's coastline, mainly to Natural Parks, where it makes outings related to the heritage and the environment. It also hosts sailing workshops with schoolchildren.