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Informative note from the Local Police of Calvią

Monday, 28th September 2020



The strong wind has also caused other damages in the municipality

Five lampposts that illuminated the beach promenade located behind the Sports Tennis Club in Costa d'en Blanes were yesterday pulled up and thrown into the sea. The events occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday and the authorship of the vandalism is unknown. As a result of this damage, some cables have been left hanging which will be secured today. On the other hand, the strong wind with gusts of 90 km/h that has blown this weekend in the municipality has caused damage in several areas of Calvià. On 11 occasions the Police has had to act due to falling trees or large branches that have caused damage or some type of danger. Poles, a lamppost, a traffic signal, a pylon, a large community antenna or rubble have also fallen. Luckily, no personal injury has happened.

At the beginning of the school year, the Calvià Local Police works on some specific incidents related to parents who do not want their children to wear a face mask. In Son Ferrer, a policeman found leaflets hanging in Plaza del Cigne that incited people to not follow the health regulations on the use of face masks. Likewise, in a school in the municipality, a report was drawn up due to a mother who was not wearing the mandatory protection and who was collecting signatures between parents in a campaign against the use of the face mask in the classroom. The mother is opposed to her son complying with the hygiene regulations dictated due to the pandemic. On the other hand, the Local Police has sanctioned three schoolchildren leaving a private school in Calvià for not following the Covid-19 regulations.

Outside the educational field, in the last week in the traffic controls carried out in Santa Ponça, Magaluf, Illetes and Costa d'en Blanes, Calvià Local Police officers have reported 23 vehicle occupants who had to wear a face mask. In addition, ten reports were drafted because of people without face masks in Son Caliu, plus two from waiters at a bar in the area and one on a woman who was shopping in a supermarket in Peguera without protection. The officers also found a group of five boys between 18 and 20 years old who were in a viewpoint of Santa Ponça and who did not comply with the Covid-19 regulations. At the football pitch in Calvià village, four reports were drafted due to young people who were having a bottle party at 1.22 a.m. The officers have also had to act at the request of a taxi driver from Palma because some clients had not paid for the trip to Magaluf. The Police found out that they were three minors who had escaped from their centre. On the other hand, the Local Police of Calvià was alerted yesterday by residents of a Bendinat apartment block that a man had accessed the private pool and sauna area and had made sexual proposals to minors who were in the area. The police officers conducted proceedings and the Civil Guard detained the perpetrator.