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Inaugurated the Casal de Peguera

The Mayor of Calvià, Carlos Delgado, and Joan Flaquer, Councillor for Tourism of the Govern de les Illes Balears, have inaugurated a major part of the reformed area in the Casal de Peguera, consisting in the creation of a theatre-auditorium with a capacity of 350 people and a modern multi functional room.

The interior reform of the Casal de Peguera is one of the most important projects with the Calvia al dia programme which was started in May 2006 and is expected to be completed in May of this year.

To be precise, the reform of the Casal de Peguera, costing 5 million euros, three million coming from the Conselleria de Tourismo and 2 million from the Calvià Town Hall, consists of the following:

  • New Multi functional room:
    In an exisiting area, major work has been carried out to create a multi functional room with a stage and mobile panelling to allow the creation of smaller rooms. This area also has a new kitchen and the bathrooms have been refurbished .
  • Theatre- Auditorium for 350 people:
    The other major refurbishments are , the creation of a area with 350 seats, five of which are suitable for the disabled, a large stage with a height of 14 meters where theatrical productions and concerts can take place. The Theatre-auditorium enjoys the latest technical advances in acoustics, lighting and mobile mechanisms in the stage box. There is also a store room and of course comfortable modern dressing rooms.
  • Foyer.
    In the entrance they have respected the original space of the Casal but the false ceiling has been changed together with the air conditioning, lighting and the refurbishment of the bathrooms.
  • Upper Floor
    This area houses various offices used by the Neighbours associations, hotel associations and other groups. The work done here consists of changing the false ceilings and the air conditioning.

Following these changes the Casal de Peguera is ready to receive different activities throughout the year, such as conferences, concerts theatre productions, congresses etc., opening up a world of possibilities for Peguera and Calvià in general. A place of these characteristics is especially important during the autumn and winter season as it offers extra resort activities when the sun and beach takes second place. In this way the entire municipality and particularly Peguera are able to compete with other destinations in attracting cultural tourism and conferences.