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World Sea Turtle Day Exhibition


Wednesday 15th June 2022


The exhibition aims to raise awareness on the dangers faced by these marine animals

June 16th is World Sea Turtle Day, one of the most threatened and long-living animals on the planet. A date that Calvià Town Hall wants to commemorate with the Second Chances exhibition organised by the Department of the Environment together with the Palma Aquarium Foundation, and which can be seen in Es Generador youth building, in Son Caliu, until 23rd June.

The exhibition describes with pictures the procedure that is carried out since the detection of an injured or sick sea turtle is given and that it needs help. You can see the process of collection, transfer, veterinary review, treatment, recovery and release back into the sea.

The councillor for the Environment and Ecological Transition, Rafel Sedano, pointed out that with the exhibition "we want to raise awareness on the impact of ocean litter, plastics, fishing with nets where they are trapped, the change in ocean temperature and the increased tourism on the beaches where they spawn that make them seriously threatened and disappearing''.

Good practices and how to act in the event of a possible detection at sea or on land can be learned in the talk 'Rescue of protected marine fauna'  to take place in Es Generador on Thursday 16th at 5 p.m.