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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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International Community

Willkommen, Bienvenus, Welcome... NOUVINGUTS!

Welcome to your Town Hall. Our International Community department works to help you get settled in or during the months that you are living here. Calvià is proud to have you with us, and to help you in your stay we have launched this unique initiative for all the Balearics.

We were the first ones to launch a specific program for you. NOUVINGUTS is a pioneering initiative of the Town Hall of Calvià where we inform and advise you in your own language on municipal procedures, to help you settle in comfortably with us.

What we do for you?

At International Community we give information and specific guidance to residents of Calvià who have come from abroad, both if you live with us all year round, or if you have your second home here.

We offer you a translation service and interpretation of municipal information and guidance in your language:

  • Isabel Meurer: Spanish, Catalan, German, English and Italian
  • Virginia Barthel: Spanish, German and English

With what paperwork do we help you?

  • With any municipal paperwork you need: taxes, ORA fines, tax on property (IBI) ...
  • With your wedding in Calvià, if you want to get married in our municipality

International events

As our Christmas fair, Saint Patrick, bonfires of the 5th of November (remember remember ...). We also work with the Rotary Club in the charity walk and our most important international event: Europe Day, that we celebrate with our neighbours that are in Calvià from all over the world.

Where can you find us?

Eva Serra Félix
Deputy Mayor for Sports and International Community
Tel: 971 139 100
Fax: 971 139 108

c /. Bujosa Julià Sans, batle. No. 1. 07184 Calvià
Tel: 971 139185
Fax: 971 139108
Email: internacional@calvia.com