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Management of water

Is a Plan orientated towards saving and sustainable management of water as contemplated in the programme of  Agenda Local 21.

Its main aim is to maintain in the year 2007 an entrance volume of water in the network that doesn't exceed the figure of 1997: 10hm3

If a change in the management policy hadnt come about, the water entrance needs would have exceeded 17hm3, an increase of 70% in respect to the data of 1995, owing to the rate of population growth and the construction of new buildings.

In order to stabilise or reduce the demand for water, we are working on:

  • Improving the infrastructures.
  • Stimulate voluntary saving of water, also from the fiscal and rates point of view itemize the water bill.
  • Produce and distribute regenerated water.
  • Design specific water saving strategies for the residential, commercial,  hotel and institution sectors.
  • Increase the capacity for storing the water in the municipality..
  • Encourage the installation of individual metres.
  • Continue with the programme of the Blue Brigades

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