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Monitoring commission of the Galatzó Estate

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021


This Friday, the III Galatzó Estate Commission has been held, where the latest actions in the mountain estate and the most outstanding innovations have been presented, as a new logo to make the estate visible.

The III Monitoring Commission of the Galatzó Public Estate has taken place, where the state of the latest actions that have been announced and that have been carried out and the proposals for new initiatives to be undertaken, as a new logo that has been designed to make visible the Estate to future activities and actions, amongst them, the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the purchase of the Estate, by the City Council.

Work at the Galatzó estate
Amongst the different projects and services actions that have been carried out in recent months, the cleaning and repairs in the section of the canal that runs through the Es Ratxo area, as well as the irrigation channels of the orange trees orchard terraces and the recovery of a section of the water deposit and water channel in the pond. Likewise, the closure of different agricultural plots of the Estate (Es Colomer, Ca l'Amo Biel, s'Hort Nou, baix Coll Gomar and s'hort dels Tarongers) are in progress, which represent, approximately, 2.2 linear km and the agricultural recovery of the Font de Sa Cometa. In addition, the structural renewal of the dairy will begin shortly.

The Commission has also made known the details of the contract reserved for the farm's agricultural exploitation, awarded to Amadip Esment for the next 2 years (with an option for two more), which this week has started working. Likewise, a report of anomalies of the Galatzó house has been presented, prepared from a diagnostic study of the house state, with the aim of knowing the structural and constructive pathologies, as well as evaluating the capacity of the different elements that make up the building, to determine its structural and functional safety. A summary has been made of the pathologies detected and the conclusions of the study carried out, which resolves that the actions to be carried out are many and important and it is understood that a comprehensive rehabilitation would be adequate, with a certain urgency.

15 years of the public estate
This year marks 15 years since the farm has become part of the municipal public heritage and, to commemorate it, the new Project for the dissemination and knowledge of the Intangible Heritage of the Public Estate of Galatzó has been presented, which will focus on the figures of Comte Mal and Francesc de Aragó. To promote the recognition and vindication of these two figures, specific spaces will be provided in the house, to be able to disseminate, study and educate what these characters meant and mean for the Estate, for Calvià and, in general terms, for the history of Majorca.

It has also been used to show the new logo, in which the profile of the two mountains that are in the estate appears, the Mola de s'Esclop and Galatzó, and the house of this old estate, and that will be used in the activities and initiatives that take place on the farm. In this new logo appears the profile of the two mountains that are in the Finca, the Mola de l'Esclop and the Galatzó, highlighting in the foreground the house of this old mountain estate.

Finally, a recognition has been made to Gabriel Salom, 'Biel de Galatzó', a person who has been linked to the estate for 30 years, the last 15 with different contractual formulas with the Town Hall and from which he dissociates professionally. On the occasion of the farewell, the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Ecological Transition, Rafel Sedano, wanted to have a word of thanks and encourage him in the new challenges that he will face from now on, inviting him to be part, as an expert and, probably, a maximum connoisseur of the Farm and everything that surrounds it, of present and future commissions and initiatives.

The Farm Monitoring Commission
The Galatzó Public Farm Monitoring Commission is a technical and political commission that has been set up this legislature, with the aim of being able to assess the tasks that are carried out in the day-to-day running of the farm, and also to analyze and plan, together, the future in the medium and long term. The different parties with representation in the Calvià Town Hall form part of the Commission, as well as technical representation of the areas of Environment, Rural World, Culture, Heritage, Roads and Works and Training and Employment. Likewise, the representation of the Association of the municipality's farm sector and the person responsible for the agricultural management of the Farm participates.

Sedano has been satisfied with the development of the meeting and has highlighted the willingness of the Commission to be open and transparent, and has thanked the spirit and constructive attitude of all the people participating in the different meetings that, until now, have been held stating that "everyone is essential in contributing and providing knowledge and experiences to jointly design the strategic lines of what should be, in the medium and long term, the Galatzó Public Estate" and has added the intention "to end with a change in the objectives of the Estate at each legislature change. For the good of Galatzó and all its natural, cultural, landscape and patrimonial surroundings, a common point must be found between the different agents, so that all the efforts and resources that are allocated have continuity, for the benefit of Calvià and all citizens who visits this space, no matter where it comes from».