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Calvià Town Hall reduces 10% the house rates

Calvia Town Hall will reduce the Urban House taxes (rates).  To be exact the reduction will be 10%.  The reduction of the Urban  house tax (rates) was  approved on the morning of the 3rd October by the Informative Commission  and will be definitively confirmed  in the Corporation assembly on the 6th October .  The change will come into effect on the 1st January and the citizen´s of Calvia  will notice the  reduction  in their next tax payment  which is payable in summer 2007. The tax  rate has been reduced from 0.710% to 0.639% which signifies a 10% reduction.

Since  the introduction of the  legislation , in 2003 , this is the third  decrease that has been applied to Urban house taxes.  In the previous campaigns of 2004 and 2005  a 5% reduction in taxes was applied  but now a   10% decrease has been approved .In this form the taxes were reduced in 2003 from 0.786% to 0.639% in 2007 which signifies a reduction of 18.71%.  The Government body have kept their promise to reduce taxes.

In reference to Rural taxes , an important factor  that should be noted is that  towards the end of 2003  a fixed rate of 0.3% was established , which is the lowest permitted rate in the present legislation and  from then onwards the Rural tax has been kept to the legal minimum.  All further taxes  of the municipality have been frozen.