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The INFOVERD programme allows to hire 16 people


Thursday 14th February 2019


The mayor of Calvià and the director of the Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears (SOIB) have closed the project

The INFOVERD project, framed within the SOIB's 'SOIB30 FORMACIÓ I OCCUPACIÓ' call and with funds from the LXIV Sectoral Conference on Employment and Labour Issues,  closed today after twelve months of apprenticeship and effective work. The implementation of the project was carried out through the Employment and Training Institute of Calvià (IFOC), and in collaboration with municipal departments and companies such as Calvià 2000, Coastline, Trade and the Calvià Sports Institute (ICE).

16 people have found a job within this project: 12 students and 4 professionals, who have combined the learning of the 'Customer Relationship Administrative Activities' professionalism certificate that included administration, computer science and English modules; with the implementation of various effective work activities such as informing the different shops and hotels of Calvià about waste and recycling management, conducting satisfaction surveys on the state of the beaches of the municipality and the functioning of the municipal sports centres, or develop administrative tasks of the IFOC, amongst others. It should be noted that more than 1,000 informative visits have been made to businesses and almost 100 hotels, as well as around 2,000 surveys have been made to tourists and people in the municipality.

At the complementary training level, modules of labour insertion and job search, awareness-raising on equal opportunities and, finally, computer literacy, have been introduced.

Currently, all participants are registered in the IFOC's employment agency to make their labour insertion as quick and effective as possible.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, the deputy mayor of Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés, and the director of the Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears (SOIB), Pere Torrens, wanted to accompany them on this special day, to wish them luck in the new path they undertake.

During this legislature, the Calvià Town Hall, through the different annual calls of the SOIB, has managed a total of four training and employment programmes aimed at over 30 year-old unemployed people, in which more than 62 people have found a job between student-workers and professionals, of which 45 are students.

The amount of the grants exceeds € 750,000, which has allowed both the realisation of effective work tasks throughout the municipality of Calvià, as well as the apprenticeship of trades related to forestry, agricultural, gardening and customer service activities, adding up to more than 5,000 hours of training through professionalism certificates.