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Local Police Viogén Division awarded


Wednesday, 27th November 2019


The Calvià Local Police Division dedicated to supporting women who suffer sexist violence has received the “Meninas 2019” award, together with the Prosecutor's Office against violence towards women and the Casal de Dones. The Government Delegation in the Balearic Islands has recognised the work of the Viogén Division, formed by Miguel Calle, Ángela Alzamora and Mari Cruz González, who work in the protection of women victims of sexist violence since 2017. Last year, they carried out more than 250 visits related to this social scourge and have carried out the follow-up of an average of 25 women with low risk, these are cases that by law can attend the Local Police. In addition, the Local Police of Calvià was the first to sign a collaboration protocol with the Government Delegation to address these lower risk cases, it was in November 2016 and after a few months of tutoring by the Civil Guard, local agents already assumed the responsibility for accompanying the complainants.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday 26th November at the Government Delegation. Miguel Calle, Ángela Alzamora and Mari Cruz González, received the award from the acting delegate, Ramon Morey, in an act in which they were accompanied by the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the head of the local Police of Calvià, Francisco Darder; the deputy mayor for Local Police, Nati Francés; the general director of the Local Police, José Antonio Fernández, and the inspector Jaume Jaume Marcó.

Information note from the Government Delegation in the Balearic Islands pdf