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Recovery Plan Follow-up Table Constitution


Wednesday 15th July 2020


More than a thousand applications have been submitted for extraordinary rental aids Covid-19 and to date 735.000 euros for social emergency aids have been granted

The Monitoring Table of the agreements of the Municipal Plan for Social, Economic and Environmental Recovery of Calvià, signed by the mayor, the political groups with municipal representation, the hotel, commercial and restaurant and leisure associations, and the majority unions in the municipality, has been constituted today. The plan includes social protection measures to alleviate the basic and urgent needs of the residents of Calvià; measures to reactivate and sustain economic activity, and measures of a fiscal nature, with a shared commitment to maintaining and promoting jobs in the affected sectors. The measures are specified and quantified with an overall economic cost of 8.898,974 euros, which represents a significant effort in the face of a drop in income that is estimated to be, in 2020, between 12 and 15 million euros. 

The Plan also includes the creation of a work group to lay the foundations for environmental sustainability, which is also pursued with the agreement, with objectives and measures that set the green agenda for the new reality, and the creation of a follow-up table, made up of representatives of the groups and entities signing the document, which is the one that has been established today.

At the meeting, it was explained at what point the measures are that have already been opened to submit applications.

Regarding Covid extraordinary home rental aids, the 1.017 applications that have been received are currently being resolved, discounting those that do not meet the terms and conditions requirements, such as not being registered in the municipality, invalid rental contracts for being seasonal, amongst others. The forecast is to start with the first payments before 30th July.

Regarding the discounts of the municipal nurseries rate, the families of the 63 boys and girls who rejoined on 8th June, are compensated on the 15 days of March in which the nurseries remained closed, without charging them 15 days of June. To the families of minors who have not returned to the nursery and who are already entering school in September (75 minors), the rate for those 15 days in March is returned, representing a total of 7.918 euros. On the other hand, 143 families have applied for the two-month free bonus (this bonus is intended for families who have been affected by a loss of income due to the Covid-19 crisis, or have had recruitment problems).

Social emergency aids continue to be granted: until today, and since the state of alarm, 735.000 euros have been granted in Calvià.

Other measures such as aids for the start of the school year (in which it is expected to reach 250.000 euros compared to the 126.000 euros originally planned),currently have open deadlines for submitting applications.

For aids to the self-employed (in which Calvià will have 2.092,168 euros, of which 1.500,000 euros will be provided by the Town Hall, 444.955 euros will be provided by the Government of the Balearic Islands, and 147.213 euros by the Consell de Mallorca), the prior appointment service essential to start the application process will be activated from 22nd to 26th July.