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NOLVELTIES! New call for direct aid

Tuesday, 7th December 2021


Each applicant may receive 1,500 euros of subsidy if they meet the established requirements

All the information in this LINK or by clicking on the image

- A new deadline has begun: from 21st Janurary to 17th February 2022
- New activities are added: trade intermediary, shoe cleaning and repair company
- The requirement of having received the Consell de Mallorca aid and of not having been open for more than 9 months is eliminated
-The activity of Rent a Cars is also included, with the condition that their last vehicle tax is accrued in Calvià

The Calvià Town Hall launches a call for direct aid for the productive sector of the municipality, with a total of 927,487.30 euros. This is a second call, after the aid of 3,000 euros that was made available to companies and self-employed workers in March 2021, and which involved granting nearly 700 aids for a total of 2,070,000 euros. With the amount that was not awarded, the aid is now called again.

This second call is for direct aid with a fixed amount of 1,500 euros per work centre or establishment, with a maximum of two establishments per person, that is, with a maximum of 3,000 euros of aid per person. This call is compatible with any other municipal or other administration aid, but is not available for companies that have received any of the subsidies of the call published in the BOIB of 29th May 2021, relating to extraordinary state aid from the Covid Line. A condition, the latter, which does not affect self-employed workers, who may request them.

Eligible activities
Restaurant activities, gyms, dance schools, dance halls and discotheques that do not meet one or more of the requirements to be beneficiaries of any of the calls for aid to alleviate the effects of COVID-19 implemented by the Mallorca Turisme Foundation of the Consell de Mallorca, aimed at these sectors.
Nightlife activities.
Retail trade of laundry products or services, travel agencies, car wash (except petrol stations), hardware, drugstore, haberdashery, dietetics, hairdressing, perfumery, cosmetics, tattoos, beauty salons, decoration, plants shops, florists and herbs dealers.
Stable amusement parks, leisure centres, mini-golf, go-karting, bicycle rental (recreational gaming establishments, betting houses or similar are expressly excluded).
Photographic studios and Photo-Service, book and press sales, stationeries, printing and copying.
Retail trade of textiles, clothing, footwear, furs, leather goods, souvenirs, home clothing, sporting goods.
Retail trade of jewelery, watches, silverware, costume jewelery, porcelain and toys.
Retail trade of food products and beverages in general (except hypermarkets and large stores): bakeries, grocery stores, supermarket, bottle, butcher, pastry, greengrocer, as long as they have not been open to the public for more than nine months during the year 2020.
Farm schools and retail trade of products and services for pets (except veterinary centres or clinics).