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The RECICLOS recycling system is launched


Tuesday 16th August 2022


Calvià Town Hall is committed to this Ecoembes Return and Reward System (SDR) with which the more than 51.000 residents of the municipality will be able to obtain sustainable and social prizes by recycling their cans and plastic beverage bottles.

• By recycling in one of the 480 yellow containers located on the streets, to which technology has been incorporated, and with the door-to-door system through RECICLOS, they will receive points that they can donate to the Association Against Cancer or to create the RECICLOS forest'.

All those Calvià residents committed to recycling will be able to obtain rewards from today every time they recycle their cans and plastic beverage bottles. This is possible thanks to the Town Hall's commitment to RECICLOS, the Return and Reward System (SDR) developed by Ecoembes.

Thus, Calvià becomes the first municipality in Mallorca to commit to this recycling system that rewards the recycling population with incentives that help improve their immediate environment, while continuing to promote the circularity of packaging, that is, give them a new life.

Thus, the more than 51.000 Calvià residents will be able to recycle their cans and plastic beverage bottles in one of the more than 480 yellow containers on the streets -to which technology has been incorporated-, as well as through the door-to-door system implemented in the locality, and get rewarded for doing so. Amongst these incentives, those of a social and environmental nature stand out, such as contributing to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, providing emotional and psychological support to those individuals and families who need it; collaborate with the Sonrisa Médica association to improve the health environment of hospitalised children and young people through humour; or help to plant trees to create the 'RECICLOS forest', thus helping to fight against desertification.

The deputy mayor and president of the municipal public company Calvia 2000, Marcos Pecos, has stressed that "Investment in new selective collection systems implemented in our municipality, such as door-to-door or organic collection, has achieved greater citizen awareness that is reflected in the collection data of all fractions. The commitment to sustainability forces us to continue innovating and encouraging our citizens to maintain and improve our closest environment, which is why we want to launch the Ecoembes Reciclos Project that rewards good behaviour by citizens and encourages the circularity of packaging ”. Marcos Pecos has assured that “With this initiative we want to continue leading sustainable development and circular economy policies in our Autonomous Community and continue fighting against climate change, with the conviction that our residents will join the challenge and we will improve our closest environment. ”.

For his part, Xavier Balagué, manager of Ecoembes in the Balearic Islands, has pointed out that “the recycling objectives set by the European Union are increasingly ambitious and require a great effort on the part of all of society. For this reason, at Ecoembes we want to contribute to meeting this challenge with innovative solutions, such as RECICLOS, which helps to promote the circularity of packaging and with which citizens can also contribute to improving the environment through the rewards they obtain. when recycling”.

This is how RECICLOS works

To make use of this system, it is only necessary to download the free RECICLOS app and, at home, scan the barcode of the can or plastic bottle that you want to recycle before throwing it in the bin. Once on the street, when you go to the yellow container with your bag of containers, you must deposit it there and scan the QR code located on the container.

In the case of the door-to-door system, users will have to scan the barcode of the can or plastic bottle they want to recycle and deposit the bag with the containers at the entrance of the home or in the areas set up for it in the packaging collection schedule. Next, with the app they must take a photo of the bag and activate geolocation to locate the recycling point on a map.

In both cases, they will obtain points, called RECICLOS, which they can exchange for the different rewards available to them.

This SDR also has machines, in which you only have to deposit all your cans and plastic bottles of beverages in a RECICLOS machine and scan the QR that the machine will show you.

In addition, since 2021, RECICLOS has smart yellow containers (which incorporate a technological ring in their mouth) to identify the waste that is deposited and facilitate the process. At the moment, they are set up in a neighbourhood of the municipality of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

About Ecoembes

Ecoembes is the organisation that makes it possible for society to collaborate more and more with recycling in the yellow and blue container in Spain. Thanks to this collaboration of society, today 4 out of 5 households already recycle their packaging (plastic, cans, briks, paper and cardboard) in these containers to give them a second life and protect the environment. Ecoembes is non-profit and its activity is regulated by Law 7/2022.

More information and data: https://www.ecoembestransparencia.com/