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The SOIB's 'Jove-Qualificats' programme ends


Tuesday 29th October 2019



The mayor of Calvià and the General Director of Economic Model and Employment, have attended today the closing ceremony of this SOIB programme that has meant the hiring of 54 newly graduated young people since 2016

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the General Director of Economic Model and Employment, Llorenç Pou Garcías, attended the SOIB's 'Jove-Cualificados Entidades Locales 2018' programme closing ceremony that has meant the hiring, full-time for 12 months, of 10 unemployed people under 30 with a Higher Level Training Cycle Degree, registered in Garantía Juvenil (Youth Guarantee), to carry out works and services of social interest that have benefited the entire municipality of Calvià.

The Calvià Town Hall has participated, one more year, in this call through the Training and Employment Institute of Calvià (IFOC), Calvià 2000, the Senior Citizens' Home of Calvià, and the Municipal Education and Libraries Institute (IMEB), within the framework of the SOIB's 'Jove-Cualificados Entidades Locales 2018' programme, financed with funds from the SOIB, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and with the co-financing of the European Social Fund (FSE), under the Operational Youth Employment Programme 2014- 2020 and the Youth Employment Initiative, and with funds from the Sectorial Conference.

Thanks to this initiative, 10 young people, who have worked on different projects of social interest, have been working since November 2018, carrying out tasks related to their studies through internship contracts. For this programme Calvià has received a grant of 267,042.81 euros.

From now on and as always, the IFOC makes available to these young working people the resources to promote their occupation, amongst which are the Municipal Employment Agency, the Employment Guidance Service, the Entrepreneur Service and the training actions organised by the IFOC.

These young working people have performed tasks related to their studies: 8 have a university degree and 2 have a higher level training cycle degree. The studies of the people who have been hired are: University Degrees in Physical activity and Sports sciences, History / Archeology, Social Education, Pedagogy, Economics, Law, Psychology; and Higher Level Training Cycle Degrees in Image lighting, capture and treatment and Administration and Finance.

The projects they have developed are as follows:

-Calvià Sports Institute. ICE: Municipal sports management

-Tourism, Commerce and Coast: Trade promotion actions

-Heritage: Creation of Puig de sa Morisca Archaeological Park Museum

-Social intervention and social service: Actions in social cooperation projects and programmes and senior citizens

-Training and Employment Institute of Calvià. IFOC: Actions to promote occupability in Calvià

-Economic Services: Economic studies of public interest finalist programmes

-Municipal Education and Libraries Institute. IMEB: Calvià University Centre's communication management/ Scholarship Service

-Calvià 2000: Repositioning tasks of the contractual practice of Calvià 2000, in accordance with the new Law on public sector contracts

-Senior Citizens' Home of Calvià: Oferint Futur (II); Actions related to active aging and the prevention of cognitive and memory impairment

Since the programme began in 2016 until this year, a total of 54 people have been hired at the Calvià Town Hall through the SOIB-Jove Cualificados Programme, of which 28 are women and 26 men.

In all the mentioned actions it is to be highlighted the involvement of the Calvià University Centre (CUC) in information and referral of people of the municipality tasks so that they can participate in these programmes.

Mayor's intervention
Intervention of the Regional Government's General Director of Economic Model and Occupation