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The Town Hall incorporates 3 million of remnants


Calvià, 28th May 2021


This item is added to the 2 million euros remnants that Calvià Town Hall has allocated to direct aid for the productive sector

Calvià Town Hall incorporates 3.016.000 euros of remnants, which will be used to supplement items and new lines of aid. These three million are added to the item of 2 million euros that have already been incorporated to allocate them to direct aid, which was convened in mid-April for the productive sector, and which are already being granted and paid in recent weeks.

This is the incorporation of credit announced in the presentation of the Municipal Budgets of 2021 that is allowed thanks to the suspension of fiscal rules (budget stability, spending rule and public debt), approved on 6th October 2020 by the Council of Ministers and subsequently ratified by the Plenary of Congress, on 20th October 2020.

The incorporation of these remnants will allow to allocate a new item of 100.000 euros to direct aid to the Calvià taxi group to defray the fees paid by professionals in the sector to maintain the switchboard.

Other aid to which they will be allocated will be the COVID extraordinary housing rental aid that, with the addition of 400.000 euros, will reach 800.000 euros to help people and families who have been most economically affected by the pandemic. These aids that were launched last year, complementing the ordinary annual grants, amounted to a total of 646.884 euros in 2020 that benefited 469 people.
In terms of investments, 380.000 euros are incorporated for sports equipment and facilities, so the final item will be 580.000 euros.

A total of 250.000 euros will be dedicated to the project of asphalting and adaptation of footpaths in different areas of the municipality, which will have a total of 1.000.000 euros, and 706.000 euros to the municipal plan for the creation and conditioning of dissuasive car parks.

For the promotion of commerce in Calvià, 125.000 euros are incorporated, which added to those already foreseen in the budgets will mean a total of 221.760 euros.

From these remnants, 320.000 euros are also allocated for the adaptation of beaches and to assume the payment of cleaning and lifeguard services for the months of May and June, and 265.000 euros for the adaptation of the electronic headquarters, technological support, equipment, etc., amongst others.

The proposal for the incorporation of these 3 million euros of remnants was initially approved, at an urgent point, in the municipal plenary session. Once it is published in the BOIB, it will be exposed to the public for 15 days for the presentation of allegations.