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Meeting with President Marga Prohens


Monday, 2nd October 2023

Calvià requests to adapt the Excesses Decree zone map: "it cannot be applied on one side of the street and not on the opposite footpath"

Mayor Juan Antonio Amengual met with President Marga Prohens at the Consolat on Monday


The president of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Marga Prohens, and the mayor of Calvià, Juan Antonio Amengual, held a meeting at the Consolat de la Mar on Monday in which the mayor transmitted her a series of municipal requests. The mayor valued the president's "predisposition and good harmony".

Amengual transmitted to Prohens a series of requests related to the future modification of the Decree-Law 1/2020 against tourism of excesses - which he began by proposing to change its name to "responsible tourism" -. He requested the elimination of the current map that limits the implementation of the Decree to certain areas: "this is an improvement, since in some areas the Decree is applied on one side of the street but not on the opposite footpath. We believe that this is necessary so that it can be applied in general and not to a specific area. It is something that we have already discussed with the Regional Ministry of Tourism.

The mayor highlighted that «thanks to our Local Police, the new plainclothes police unit and the Civil Guard we have managed to close the high season with zero balconing, one of our great objectives. "We have applied the law and fined, but we have also reported its compliance to have calmer areas, even in critical points."

Amengual has discussed other issues with Prohens such as the access to housing problem and the high incidence of suicides or the elderly's loneliness, issues about which he said it is essential to carry out "a real fight."